Insulin with a basal release profile

Pohl, Roderike
Kashyap, Nandini
Hauser, Robert
Özhan, Koray
Steıner, Solomon S.
A clear basal insulin formulation composed of insulin (preferably human recombinant insulin), buffering agents, precipitating agents, and/or stabilizing agents for subcutaneous, intradermal or intramuscular administration. The formulation is designed to form a precipitate of insulin following injection, creating a slow releasing "basal insulin" over a period of 12 to 24 hours, which can be varied by compositional changes to tailor the release profile to the needs of the individual diabetic patient.
Citation Formats
R. Pohl, N. Kashyap, R. Hauser, K. Özhan, and S. S. Steıner, “Insulin with a basal release profile,” 00, 2009.