Graphene Oxide Incorporated Silicate Doped Nano-hydroxyapatite Novel Composite for Bone Tissue Engineering

Hydroxyapatite, as the natural inorganic phase of the bone tissue has been widely used as the main structure of bone tissue scaffolds. In studies, ion substitution into hydroxyapatite structure enhanced the osteogenic properties. Silicon is an ion that was used to produce silicate doped hydroxyapatite (SiHA). SiHA is reported to promote proliferation and osteogenic activity of osteoblasts. Graphene oxide (GO) is formed by functionalization of graphene with oxygen-containing groups, reported to enhance adhesion and growth of cells while inducing calcium phosphate deposition. In this study, we aimed to combine osteogenic properties of SiHA and GO in order to produce a novel composite to be incorporated into bone scaffolds as osteogenic component. Therefore, composite groups with different ratios of SiHA and GO were compared to identify the most effective composite composition. Composite groups were evaluated in a fibrous scaffold structure formed by electrospinning within PCL solution. Scaffolds were characterized in terms of protein adsorption-desorption, calcium deposition and tensile strength properties. In vitro studies were conducted with human osteosarcoma (Saos-2) cell line as cell adhesion, spreading, proliferation and ALP activity. Scaffold groups bearing GO showed increased protein adsorption and improved initial cell attachment. Cell spreading and proliferation were highest in the group with effective concentrations of SiHA and GO (PCL-10%SiHA-4%GO). The group also showed higher calcium phosphate deposition and alkaline phosphatase activity. Results showed that the novel GO incorporated SiHA composite has high potential to be used as a bone tissue engineering material.
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