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Opportunities and Threats in European Integration and Turkey-EU Relations after Brexit

Alpan, Başak Zeynep
Brexit and European Identity: Where is the Turkey-EU Relations in the Debate? After the Brexit decision by the UK, academic curiosity on the future of the EU and European policies has accelerated tremendously. One of the ‘hot’ topics of curiousity attached to the Brexit process has been the future of Turkish-EU relations and whether the future EU-UK relations might set an example for a varied European integration a la turca. This paper, departing from the current theoretical debates on ‘differentiated integration’, will aim at exploring the impact of Brexit on Turkish-EU relations within the context of European identity. Will Brexit mean the end of European project we know as it would trigger romantic nationalism and isolationism on the part of the member states? Or, will the European project emerge stronger without half-hearted Britain spoiling the fun? This paper will aim to answer these questions by exploring three scenerios for the future of Turkish-EU relations and European identity.