Compliance of Standard Forms of Construction Contracts and Protocols with BIM-Adopted Construction Sector in USA and UK

Due to the changes in the requirements of the clients and the inclusion of various specialized participants having conflicting priorities, architectural design project processes have had to be transformed. This transformation to a complex project environment, has required new advanced project management models inevitably, those of which also introducing new delivery and communication methodologies to support this synchronized project schedules. Although there have been many different models borrowed from different industries and introduced to the Architecture-Engineering-Construction (AEC) field till now; because of the uniqueness and the complexity of each AEC project process, there has still not been an agreed model on the Total Process Management of the architectural design projects yet. Furthermore, in the issue of the design communication; there are still very few attempts of integrating information and communication management with architectural design process. The environment is still in need of such process management models; through which these multidisciplinary complex digital design teams can work, exchange and progress correspondingly and concurrently without any loss or de-orientations in the information flow during the design process. The main aim intended with this study is to reveal some of the existing models on Process and Design Communication in multidisciplinary complex AEC projects and then discuss briefly to constitute a reference base for further developed study.
International Project and Construction Management Conference (IPCMC) (2018)


Design of experience sampling tools for reporting student experience in design education
Fındık, Nur; Şener Pedgley, Bahar; Pasman, Gert; Department of Industrial Design (2012)
Considering the continuous design activities that are performed throughout the design projects, design students go through several stages of decision makings, and sometimes they experience problematic situations in between consecutive supervisory meetings. Revealing all experiences during the discussions with supervisors, thus communicating the ideas could be sometimes difficult. In order to provide a better guidance, it is also important for supervisors to understand students’ process in between these meet...
Performative design processes in architectural practices in Turkey: architects’ perception
Ataman, Cem; Gürsel Dino, İpek (2021-10-01)
During the last decades, the increasing need to ensure building performance during architectural design has led to highly interactive relations between architecture and various other disciplines, in which concepts of sustainability and building performance are tightly integrated into the design process. However, the adoption of these concepts in architectural practices and the recent advancements in the field have remained rather slow. This research aims to understand performative design (PD) in the context...
DURAN, ÖZGE SELEN; Güzer, Celal Abdi; Department of Architecture (2022-7-7)
Sustainability has been one of the most researched and discussed issues within the realm of architecture as a discipline and also within the building design as a practice. However, the focal point in the majority of existing studies concentrate primarily on the design development and building performances based on the components of the design, where pre-design and post-design phases as well as multidimensional contribution of different actors are excluded. Therefore, perceiving and evaluating the entire pr...
Mimari Tasarım ve Proje Yönetiminde Süreç ve Bilgi Yönetim Modelleri
Duran, Özge Selen; Tanyer, Ali Murat (2014-09-19)
Due to the changes in the requirements of the clients and the inclusion of many various stakeholders inthe design process, Architectural Design and Project Processes has had to transform with a challenge ofnew and advanced project delivery and communication-network models. The necessity of differentspecialized participants to be included in the design teams and the project schedule at earlier stages becomes essential and inevitable. Furthermore, since these ‘specialized’ participants are mostly located indi...
Architectural programming for achieving value-added design
Akınç, Günseli; Elias Özkan, Soofia Tahira; Department of Architecture (2005)
Values and concerns of project participants have influence on design quality as well as on the design process itself. These determine the functional, social and æsthetic characteristics of the project that are necessary to achieve client satisfaction. The issues of value and quality are compared within the context of architectural programming, including their theoretical and philosophical ground as well as current management techniques. Value and quality can be misunderstood and confused with each other; th...
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