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Recent Submissions

Improving Sleep-Wake Behaviors Using Mobile App Gamification
İlhan, Ezgi; Şener Pedgley, Bahar; Hacıhabiboğlu, Hüseyin (2022-01-01)
Gamification can be used to encourage people to perform challenging tasks. Gamification can also be useful in altering unwanted habits and enhancing subjective well-being. Everyday health is affected by sleep-wake habits t...
The impact of natural ventilation on airborne biocontaminants: a study on COVID-19 dispersion in an open office
Abbas, Günsu Merin; Gürsel Dino, İpek (2021-12-01)
PurposeBiocontaminants represent higher risks to occupants' health in shared spaces. Natural ventilation is an effective strategy against indoor air biocontamination. However, the relationship between natural ventilation a...
Involving end users in retrofit of higher education buildings
Gooding, Luke; Erdogan, Bilge; Gürsel Dino, İpek (2021-12-01)
© 2021 Elsevier LtdAlthough the importance of end user participation during building improvement design is widely accepted, selecting the best approach for the engagement of users in design processes is a significant chall...
Survey Archaeology as a Source of Data: Principles and Practice,
Serin, Ufuk (Cambridge University Press, 2021-12-01)
Bee House as a Rural Construct: Sampling Konya, Turkey
Erkovan, Nisa; Özgenel, Lale (2021-12-01)
Through a Museum Window: Tacita Dean’s FILM (2011) and a Cinema of Dissensus
Pinar, Ekin (2021-12-01)
Özalp, Öncü (2021-11-12)
Impact of various sands and fibres on the physical and mechanical properties of earth mortars for plasters and renders
Pedergnana, Matthieu; Elias Özkan, Soofia Tahira (2021-11-01)
Earth plasters and renders tend to crack and crumble due to weathering. Their resilience can be improved by adding sand or fibre to the earth mixture. This paper presents an extensive literature review on earth mortar stud...
Prof. Dr. Ömür Bakırer Armağanı
Peker, Ali Uzay (ODTÜ Basım İşliği, 2021-11-01)
Sinan Çağı Camilerinde Yazı, Anlam ve Düzen
Peker, Ali Uzay; Şimşek, Cemile Feyzan (ODTÜ Basım İşliği, 2021-11-01)
Yerellik, Yeni Maddeselcilik, ve Sinema: Türkiye’de Duyusal Etnografik Sinema Pratikleri
Pinar, Ekin (2021-10-21)
Permanence and Endurance: A Re-reading of (A)tectonic
Sarıca, Sezin (2021-10-02)
Specters of a Housing Complex: Race, Modern Architecture, and The Pruitt-Igoe Myth
Pinar, Ekin (2021-10-02)
Seljuk and Ottoman Mosques
Peker, Ali Uzay (Brepols Publishers, 2021-10-01)
Employing remote sensing technique to monitor the influence of newly established universities in creating an urban development process on the respective cities
Cetin, Mehmet; Aksoy, Talha; Cabuk, Saye Nihan; Şenyel Kürkçüoğlu, Müzeyyen Anıl; Cabuk, Alper (2021-10-01)
© 2021 Elsevier LtdUniversities have a wide range of effects on the development of the cities, economic growth and socio-cultural structures of the communities. Accordingly, the Turkish government has encouraged the establ...
Tükenmez, Başak; Özgenel, Lale; Department of History of Architecture (2021-10)
The thesis surveys the domestication of media in the modern Turkish context since the 20th century, with a particular focus on the design, representation, and production of domestic space in architectural practice. The hou...
Performative design processes in architectural practices in Turkey: architects’ perception
Ataman, Cem; Gürsel Dino, İpek (2021-10-01)
During the last decades, the increasing need to ensure building performance during architectural design has led to highly interactive relations between architecture and various other disciplines, in which concepts of susta...
Spatial variation of elderly population and its dynamics in Turkey
ŞENBİL, METİN; Yetişkul Şenbil, Emine (2021-10-01)
As the world population is getting older, care for elderly and procurement to their special needs gains importance for both national and local governments. Therefore, distribution of elderly population and their (residenti...
Back to the Future: Interpretation of Post-COVID-19 Architecture through 1960s Futurism
Öztek, Elif; Karakaş, Bilge (2021-10-01)
COVID-19 has changed the configuration and needs in architectural and urban spaces. Today, only the pandemic's short-term consequences have been seen in architecture, whereas the longterm influences are still being discuss...
Tarihi Çevrede ‘Modern Bir Han’: Bursa Hal ve Çarşı Binaları
Okumuş, Gökhan (2021-10-01)
Özet: Tarihi çevrede, çeşitli referanslarla dokuyu yorumlayan / ilişkilerkuran ‘yeni yapı’ yaklaşımları çerçevesinde, yazı, Bursa Hal ve Çarşıbinalarının tarihi Hanlar Bölgesi içinde ‘modern bir han’ olarak tasarımsürecine...
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