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Recent Submissions

Pre-Service Teachers’ Knowledge Regarding the Area of Triangle
Durmaz, Asli Bilik; Işıksal Bostan, Mine (2022-04-01)
The aim of this study is to investigate the knowledge of pre-service middle school mathematics teachers on possible misconceptions and difficulties held by students regarding the area of triangle. In line with this aim, qu...
Through Their Eyes: Gifted Students' Views on Integrating History of Mathematics Embedded Videos Into Mathematics Classrooms
Karatas-Aydin, Firdevs Iclal; Işıksal Bostan, Mine (2022-04-01)
This study examined gifted students' views on integrating the history of mathematics embedded videos into mathematics classrooms. The research was conducted with 30 fifth-grade students who were identified as gifted with t...
Supporting Pre-service Mathematics Teachers’ Professional Noticing of Students’ Reasoning About Length
Ergene, Busra Caylan; Işıksal Bostan, Mine (2022-01-01)
This study examined how the levels-of-sophistication framework supports pre-service mathematics teachers’ professional noticing of students’ reasoning about length measurement. Three pre-service teachers were asked to anal...
Eren Öcal, Tuba; Erden, Feyza; Department of Elementary Education (2021-8-29)
This case study aims to investigate preschool teachers’ views, self-reported practices, and actual practices with respect to the use of loose parts in daily activities. The study was conducted with 10 preschool teachers. S...
The interaction between middle school mathematics teachers’ beliefs and pedagogical content knowledge regarding rational numbers
Bulut, Aykut; Akyüz, Didem; Haser, Çiğdem; Department of Elementary Education (2021-7)
The aim of this study was to investigate middle school mathematics teachers’ PCK regarding rational numbers and their mathematics-related beliefs, and to understand the nature of the possible interaction between their PCK ...
Surprises in the mathematics classroom: Some in-the-moment responses of a primary teacher
DOĞAN COŞKUN, SÜMEYRA; Işıksal Bostan, Mine; Rowland, Tim (2021-05-13)
© 2021 Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia, Inc.. All Rights Reserved.The purpose of this paper is to describe some contingent moments during an in-service primary teacher's lesson on area, to analyse the t...
Investigating the effectiveness of argument-based inquiry on 6th grade students’ scientific literacy and portraying their argumentation schemes andengagement in argumentation process
Şen, Mehmet; Sungur, Semra; Öztekin, Ceren; Department of Elementary Education (2021-3-08)
This study examined Argument Based Inquiry impact on 6thgrade students’ scientific literacy including content knowledge, epistemological beliefs, and science process skills and also portrayed students’ arg...
Exploring middle school students’ systems literacy within the context of water system
Demirci, Sinem; Şahin, Elvan; Department of Elementary Education (2021-1-31)
The purposes of this study are determined as to (1) provide a conceptual model for the description of ‘systems literacy’; (2) propose an alternative framework for the elements of systems literacy in water system context; (...
Implementation of systems thinking skills module for the context of energy
Can, Hediye; Öztekin, Ceren; Department of Elementary Education (2020)
The aim of this dissertation is to explore how pre-service science teachers develop their systems thinking skills in the context of energy. Qualitative methodology is followed through the research. The study conducted in s...
Okul Öncesi Öğretmen Adaylarının Fiziksel Aktiviteye Katılımlarını Etkileyen Faktörler
Sevimli Çelik, Serap; Terzioğlu, Tuğçe Esra (2019-11-01)
Öğretmenlerin fiziksel becerilerindeki yetkinlikleri etkileyen faktörlerin ele alınması ve bu faktörlerin derinlemesine incelenmesi, erken çocukluk döneminde gerekli olan günlük hareket ihtiyacının karşılanmasında önemli b...
Fiziksel gelişim
Demircan, Hasibe Özlen (Pegem Akademi, 2019-09-01)
Frequency of Mainstream Curriculum Models: Investigation of Early Childhood Education Doctoral Dissertation and International Journals in Turkey
Demirtaş İlhan, Seden; Eryiğit, Sümeyra; Erden, Feyza (2019-06-24)
Problem Statement In general, early childhood education programs aim to provide both improvements in academic skills like language and literacy skills and math and science abilities and wellness in all domains of developme...
Investigation of preservice science teachers’ nature of science understanding and decision making on socioscientific issue through the fractal model
Adal, Elif Ece; Çakıroğlu, Jale; Department of Elementary Education (2019)
This is a qualitative grounded theory study to reveal how decision making (DM) processes on socioscientific issue (SSI) in a referendum case are operated by unsophisticated (Group U) and sophisticated (Group S) ones in ter...
An investigation of prospective middle school mathematics teachers' argumentation, proof, and geometric construction processes in the context of cognitive unity
Demiray, Esr; Işıksal Bostan, Mine; Department of Elementary Education (2019)
The first purpose of this study is to investigate how prospective middle school mathematics teachers’ argumentation process while producing conjectures in the cognitive unity based activities relates to the proving process...
Experienced science teachers’ subject matter knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge regarding biogeochemical cycles in the context of education for sustainable development
Yılmaz Yendi, Bahar; Öztekin, Ceren; Department of Elementary Education (2019)
This study investigated experienced science teachers’ subject matter (SMK) and pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) regarding biogeochemical cycles in the context of education for sustainable development (ESD). Three scienc...
A Conceptual model of relationships among ecological worldview, fundamental values, personal norm and selfidentity
Ateş, Hüseyin; Öztekin, Ceren; Department of Elementary Education (2019)
A model was proposed to explain how ecological worldviews (human based and nature based), fundamental values (egoistic, biospheric and altrustic) and self-identity are related to personal norm. The model assumed that self-...
Playing with mathematics in the arts studio: students’ visual-spatial thinking processes in the context of a studio thinking based-environment
Kuş, Mehtap; Çakıroğlu, Erdinç; Department of Elementary Education (2019)
The aim of the study was to investigate how students make use of visual-spatial thinking processes in a Math-Art Studio Environment in which students are engaged in geometry-rich artworks through Studio Thinking Framework,...
Bilimsel Süreç Becerileri
Koştur, Hakkı İlker; Buldu, Elif; Öztürk, Nilay; Alper, Umut; Irmak, Meltem; Yurttaş Kumlu, Gülfem Dilek; Çığ, Oğuzcan; Öneren Şendil, Çağla; Ünlü Çetin, Şenil; Avşar Erümit, Banu; Bilican, Kader; Coşkun Tuncay, Tuna; Yılmaz, Simge; Alıcı, Şule; Demirtaş İlhan, Seden (Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık, 2019-01-01)
Preservice Early Childhood Teachers’ Attitudes towards Values Education
Erden, Feyza (2018-04-14)
Early childhood is an essential period for development and learning. Therefore, by contributing whole developmental areas, children can be supported to be prepared for their future life. Values education is a part of early...
The Role of personal and organizational factors on student attrition from graduate education: "do or die?"
Ertem, Hasan Yücel; Gökalp, Gökçe; Department of Elementary Education (2018)
Holding a graduate degree is a significant achievement as it provides students who have it with opportunity to become faculty member, to get professional development, and to gain professional seniority. Despite this appeal...
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