Tunçbilek Kömür İşletmelerinde Özelleştirmenin Madencilik İşçilik ve Tunçbilek Üzerine Etkileri

This article examines the impact of structural changes in the local, national and global dynamics on mine workers’ experiences in Tunçbilek coal mine in Kütahya, Turkey. In this context, this paper, based on a field research conducted in 2011 in Tunçbilek, Kütahya, focuses on the changing experiences of coal workers through change. In the field research 40 workers who are still working in Tunçbilek Coal Mine are interviewed in-depth. This coal mine was operated by the state as a state owned industry from 1940s until 2000s. During the 2000s, changing legislation about mining and energy policies in Turkey, a privatization and de-nationalization process of mines has started. Coal mine, traditionally known in the region as a regular and wellpaid work, became the source of flexible and poorly paid work. The safety concern of the public enterprise is replaced by a productivity focus. A gap between private and public sector workers in terms of rights and benefits have emerged. All these findings indicate the emergence of a new coal worker with a new class culture and conflicts.
The Journal of Industrial Relations and Human Resources/İş, Güç Endüstri


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