Marine science education for primary schoolchildren- " I know and protect my seas"

Akçay, İsmail
Saydam, Gülce
Akoğlu, Ekin
Tezcan, Devrim
Salihoğlu, Barış
Gazihan Akoğlu, Ayşe
Zenginer Yılmaz, Arife
Kıdeyş, Ahmet Erkan
Linder, Carina
Güraslan, Ceren
Tutsak, Ersin
Yılmaz, E.
Gücü, Ac
Akpınar, Anıl
Şahin, E.
E,, Avcı
Gökdağ, Kerem
Schulze, Leona
Beklen, Mehmet
Kaptan, Mehmet
Ok, Meltem
Tüer, Mertkan
Koçak, Mustafa
Kurmuş, Nazım
Yücel, Nebil
Çiftçi, Ozan
Tutar, Özge
Küçükavşar, Selin
Sakınan, Serdar
Sarıcalar, Sıla
Cihan, Sinem
Yurttaş, S.
Ural, Yalçın
Ak Örek, Yeşim
Uysal, Zahit
Mıcık, Zikri
Kıdeyş, Alison
Second European Marine Science Educators Association Conference (2014)


Marine Chemical Technology and Sensors for Marine Waters: Potentials and Limits
Moore, Tommy S.; Mullaugh, Katherine. M.; Holyoke, Rebecca R.; Madison, Andrew S.; Yücel, Mustafa; Luther, George W. (2009-01-01)
A significant need exists for in situ sensors that can measure chemical species involved in the major processes of primary production (photosynthesis and chemosynthesis) and respiration. Some key chemical species are O-2, nutrients (N and P), micronutrients (metals), pCO(2), dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) pH, and sulfide. Sensors need to have excellent detection limits, precision, selectivity, response time, a large dynamic concentration range, low power consumption, robustness, and less variation of inst...
Marine litter and European beaches: learning from citizen science
Kıdeyş, Ahmet Erkan; Šubelj, Gašper; Aydın, Mustafa (European Environment Agency, 2021-01-01)
Marine Algae-PLA composites as de novo alternative to porcine derived collagen membranes
Sayin, S.; Kohlhaas, T.; Veziroglu, S.; Okudan, E. S.; Naz, M.; Schroeder, S.; Saygili, E.; Acil, Y.; Faupel, F.; Wiltfang, J.; Aktas, O. C.; Guelses, A. (2020-09-01)
Resorbable and volume-stable collagen matrices have been preferred as grafting materials for diverse clinical applications in recent years. On the other hand, there is always an existing risk of transmission of infection with the cells or the tissues of the graft in using such collagen matrices. Moreover, considering the economic aspects, there is also a need for cost-efficient alternative materials. In this sense, marine algae can be considered as alternatives since they represent vast and cheap source of ...
Marine Ecosystem Evolution in a Changing Environment (MEECE)
Salihoğlu, Barış(2013-2-28)
MEECE is a scientific research project which aims to use a combination of data synthesis, numerical simulation and targeted experimentation to further our knowledge of how marine ecosystems will respond to combinations of multiple climate change and anthropogenic drivers. With an emphasis on the European Marine Strategy (EMS), MEECE will improve the decision support tools to provide a structured link between management questions and the knowledge base that can help to address those questions. A strong knowl...
Ocean Literacy across the Mediterranean Sea basin: Evaluating Middle School Students' Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviour towards Ocean Sciences Issues
Koulouri, Panayota; Mogias, Athanasios; Mokos, Melita; Cheimonopoulou, Maria; Realdon, Giulia; Boubonari, Theodora; Previati, Monica; Formoso, Alba Tojeiro; Kıdeyş, Ahmet Erkan; Hassaan, Mohamed Aly; Patti, Patrizia; Korfiatis, Kostas; Fabri, Sandra; Juan, Xavier (2022-01-01)
The Mediterranean Sea is characterized by rich biodiversity, and its region hosts people living in several countries with a rich variety of cultures, but - at the same time - it is "under siege", due to anthropogenic pressures. To address these pressures, many actions are needed aiming, among others, at establishing Ocean Literacy (OL) across the Mediterranean countries and preparing the future generation of Mediterranean Sea-literate citizens. Towards this aim, the present cross-national study investigated...
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