İş Özellikleri Kuramı Geniş kapsamlı bir gözden geçirme

In this paper, the Job Characteristics Theory was explained by reviewing the relevant literature from the start. In this review, the literature regarding testing of the theory was organized around a number of questions posed by the researchers who tested the theory. At first, the factorial structure of the job characteristics was explained and the subjective and objective aspects of the measurement of job characteristics were examined. Then, the literature related to the roles of Critical Psychological States and Growth Need Strength (GNS) was reviewed. The review of the studies showed that a number of factors exist in any job, but this number changes from three to five and the Job Diagnostic Survey may measure these factors easily. It was found that the subjective and objective measures of the job characteristics converge. The review also revealed mixed results related to the role of "Critical Psychological States" as a mediator variable, and there is a need to test these aspects of the theory utilizing structural equation modeling. As for the GNS as the moderator, the studies did not show strong support and there were few studies testing this aspect of the theory. The results regarding the positive personal and organizational outcomes showed that enriched jobs lead to the expected outcomes. Finally, the limitations of testing the theory were explained and some statements were made regarding the future of the theory.
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R. Bilgiç, “İş Özellikleri Kuramı Geniş kapsamlı bir gözden geçirme,” pp. 66–77, 2008, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/86579.