Use of nanoscale-delivery systems in tissue/organ regeneration

Fathi Achachelouei, Milad
Keskin, Dilek
Tezcaner, Ayşen
iomaterials for Organ and Tissue Regeneration: New Technologies and Future Prospects examines the use of biomaterials in applications related to artificial tissues and organs. With a strong focus on fundamental and traditional tissue engineering strategies, the book also examines how emerging and enabling technologies are being developed and applied. Sections provide essential information on biomaterial, cell properties and cell types used in organ generation. A section on state-of-the-art in organ regeneration for clinical purposes is followed by a discussion on enabling technologies, such as bioprinting, on chip organ systems and in silico simulations.
Citation Formats
M. Fathi Achachelouei, D. Keskin, and A. Tezcaner, Use of nanoscale-delivery systems in tissue/organ regeneration. 2020, p. 162.