Some New Bounds on Closed Ordinal Ramsey Numbers

Sağlam, Irmak
Partition calculus on ordinals was introduced by Erd ̋os and Rado and is a well-studiedsubject. Later on, Baumgartner extended this investigation to topological spaces andstudied topological partition relations on ordinal spaces.In recent years, closed and topological partition relations on ordinals have been anactive area of research. This thesis is a contribution to the study of closed ordinalRamsey numbers. More specifically, we provide new lower and upper bounds forclosed ordinal Ramsey numbers of pairs of small countable ordinals. These boundsimprove the previously known bounds given by Caicedo and Hilton.
Citation Formats
I. Sağlam, “Some New Bounds on Closed Ordinal Ramsey Numbers,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2020.