Hydrogeochemical investigation of groundwater characteristics in Alpu coal field, Eskisehir-Turkey

Tural, Ceren Yazıgülü
Hydrogeochemical characteristics and quality of groundwater resources in Alpu Coal field to the north of Porsuk Creek are investigated. EC, pH, DO and ORP average value ranges are determined as 438-1227 μS/cm, 7.43-8.69, 3.29-6.05 mg/l and 106-180 mv, respectively in spring waters and as 452-30233 μS/cm, 7.46-8.48, 0.6-6.0 mg/l ve 198- -183 mv, respectively in well waters. All spring waters are in HCO3 - Mg, Mix(Ca-Mg), Ca facies. Groundwater facies, stratigraphically downward: change in the order of HCO3, SO4 and Cl according to the anion content and in the order of Mg, Mix and Na according to the cation content. Ammonia concentrations in deep groundwaters filtered about greater than 300 m depths are much higher than the expected values. In general, chloride values of groundwater decrease from surface to approximately 100 m depth but afterwards increase stratigraphically from 100 m depth to basement rocks (Pliocene to Miocene to Basement aquifers). The chemical characteristics of Pliocene, MAC and MBC + Mélange deep groundwaters are related to the hydrogeochemical evolution processes of deep sedimentary basin groundwaters under water-rock reaction relationships accompanied by very low permeability related ion filtration and diffusive/dispersive transport enrichment. In terms of classification limits, groundwater is in low quality.
Citation Formats
C. Y. Tural, “Hydrogeochemical investigation of groundwater characteristics in Alpu coal field, Eskisehir-Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2021.