Academic Motivation of Middle School Students: Perceived Teacher Affective Support, Number of Interactıon Partners, Prior Achievement and Homophily

Çaybaş, İzzet Utku
The study aims to explore possible sources of middle school students’ achievement motivation. Therefore, two main research questions were examined. In this regard, firstly, the relationship between student’s achievement motivation and students‘ past performance, perceived teacher support, and the number of peers they interact with was examined. Secondly, it was examined whether there is homophily among peer group members in terms of motivation. In order to measure student motivation, the Expectancy- Value Scale for Middle School was developed based on the Situated Expectancy-Value Theory. With the scale, students’ expectancies for success, utility values, and intrinsic values were measured. Results of structural equation modeling analysis revealed that while students’ achievement motivations were associated with their prior achievement and perceived teacher affective support, there was no relationship between the number of peers they interacted with and their achievement motivation. When the peer groups were examined to answer the second research question, the peer groups were found to be homogeneous in terms of achievement motivation. However, it was found that the girl groups were more homogeneous in terms of subjective task values compared to the boy groups.


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İ. U. Çaybaş, “Academic Motivation of Middle School Students: Perceived Teacher Affective Support, Number of Interactıon Partners, Prior Achievement and Homophily,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2021.