A survey of Ulrich bundles

The purpose of this article is to serve as an introduction to Ulrich bundles for interested readers. We discuss the origins of the study of Ulrich bundles, their elementary properties, and we give an exposition of the known results in their classification on various kinds of smooth projective varieties. As an illustration of a method recently used by Marta Casanellas and Robin Hartshorne for the classification of Ulrich bundles on a cubic surface, we classify the stable Ulrich bundles on a smooth quartic surface in P^3 of Picard number 2 by first Chern class.
Conference on Analytic and Algebraic Geometry


Individuation and relatedness: Not opposing but distinct and complementary
İmamoğlu, Emine Olcay (2003-11-01)
In this article, the author aims to contribute to a better understanding of the association between relational and individuational self-orientations and the roles they play in the self-system. The author highlights the controversial assumptions regarding the opposite or distinct nature of the orientations' association and explores how they relate to each other and to some self- and family-related variables by a questionnaire study. On the basis of the Balanced Integration-Differentiation model (E. O. Imamog...
Sentiment-Focused Web Crawling
Vural, A. Gural; Cambazoglu, B. Barla; Karagöz, Pınar (2014-10-01)
Sentiments and opinions expressed in Web pages towards objects, entities, and products constitute an important portion of the textual content available in the Web. In the last decade, the analysis of such content has gained importance due to its high potential for monetization. Despite the vast interest in sentiment analysis, somewhat surprisingly, the discovery of sentimental or opinionated Web content is mostly ignored. This work aims to fill this gap and addresses the problem of quickly discovering and f...
Destabilizing Critical "Assumptions" in (English) Language Teaching: An Introduction
Rudolph, Nathanael; Selvi, Ali Fuad; Yazan, Bedrettin (Informa UK Limited, 2019-11-02)
This introduction unpacks the scope of the special issue (SI), and underscores the guest editors' desire to prompt readers to engage with and reflect upon critical assumptions and unanswered questions within-and pertaining to-ELT.
Sedat, Özöztürk; Kayran, Altan; Tuncer, İsmail Hakkı (null; 2015-09-10)
The article presents fluid-structure interaction methodology for the static aeroelastic coupling of aerostructures. A CFD and a FEM solver are coupled and the aeroelastic solution is iterated in order to obtain the steady state condition of the aerostructure. A three dimensional panel method is used as the CFD solver and MSC.Nastran is used as the finite element solver. In order to investigate large deflection effects, which are common in flexible aerostructures such as high aspect ratio wings, panel soluti...
Querying Web Metadata: Native score management and text support in databases
Ozsoyoglu, G; Altıngövde, İsmail Sengör; Al-Hamdani, A; Ozel, SA; Ulusoy, O; Ozsoyoglu, ZM (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2004-12-01)
In this article, we discuss the issues involved in adding a native score management system to object-relational databases; to be used in querying Web metadata (that describes the semantic content of Web resources). The Web metadata model is based on topics (representing entities), relationships among topics (called metalinks), and importance scores (sideway values) of topic and metalinks. We extend database relations with scoring functions and importance scores. We add to SQL score-management clauses with w...
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