Supporting the Academic Success of Underprepared College Students at an English Medium Instruction (EMI) University

European Conference on Educational Research


Supporting Teachers as They Develop Technology based Lessons for Geometry Instruction
Akyüz, Didem (2009-10-10)
Promoting and investigating pre-service middle school mathematics teachers' TPACK-practical development in the context of an undergraduate course
Koştur, Merve; Haser, Çiğdem; Department of Elementary Education (2018)
The purpose of the study was to enhance and investigate the technological pedagogical content knowledge-practical (TPACK-P) development of pre-service middle school mathematics teachers (PMTs) through the Technology Use in Mathematics Education (TUME) course aiming TPACK-P development in three pedagogical domains: Assessment, Planning and Design, and Enactment. TUME course was designed and implemented based on four principles driven from the TPACK and TPACK-P frameworks which were transformative approach, c...
Promoting teachers' awareness of students' misconceptions in indtroductory mechanics
Çataloğlu, Erdat; Tatlı, Ali; Department of Science Education (1996)
Supporting students' knowledge and skills in information technology security through a security portal
Ciftci, Nilay Pancar; Delialioğlu, Ömer (2016-11-01)
This study aims to investigate the initial perceived knowledge and skills of high school students in information technology (IT) security and the effect of an online security support tool, the Security Portal (SP), on students' perceived knowledge and skills in IT security. The SP is a website designed and developed as an extracurricular learning tool to improve high school students' knowledge and skills in IT security. An exploratory research design with descriptive and inferential statistical analysis was...
Supporting Preschool Children's STEM Learning with Parent-Involved Early Engineering Education
Ata-Akturk, Aysun; Demircan, Hasibe Özlen (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-08-01)
This study examines the development of a STEM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and parent-involved engineering design curriculum for early childhood education and investigates its design principles and contributions to children's STEM-related learning. This research utilized a design-based research methodology broken into three main phases (preliminary research, prototyping, and assessment). The data were gathered over a 2-year span, and the curriculum was designed and revised durin...
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