The Impact of Flipped Teaching on EFL Preservice Teachers' Professional Development: A Reflective Socio-constructive Perspective

11th ELT Research Conference


The Influence of poverty on school readiness of 5-year-old children : mediating roles of home environment and parenting
Okur, Şükran; Kazak Berument, Sibel; Department of Psychology (2015)
The current study investigated the mediating roles of home environment characteristics such as chaos and stimulation, in addition to the mediating roles of maternal factors such as maternal depression and parenting quality in the relationship between poverty variables (income, parental education, material hardships including availability of materials and opportunities and food insecurity) and school readiness outcomes including vocabulary, mathematic skills and phonological awareness. Participants were 5 ye...
The Impact of Techno-Invasion and Social Support on Employee Wellbeing: The Mediation of Emotional Exhaustion and the Moderation of Yoga
Demirer, Fatma Ece; Acar, Feride Pınar; Department of Business Administration (2022-6)
This research aims to investigate the conditional indirect effect of techno-invasion as a job demand, supervisor support and co-worker support as job resources on physical and psychological wellbeing through emotional exhaustion whereby yoga is assessed as a moderator. In order to test the hypotheses proposed, survey data were collected from 353 employees working in various sectors including both yoga practitioners and non-practitioners and analyzed by using path analysis in SPSS AMOS. Based on the results,...
The effects of leadership on safety outcomes: The mediating roles of trust and safety climate
Bilgiç, Reyhan; BÜRÜMLÜ, elif; ÖZTÜRK, İBRAHİM; Öztürk, İbrahim (2018-06-01)
In the current study, the mediating roles of safety climate and trust in the relations between leadership styles which are transformational and transactional and safety outcomes which are safety compliance and safety participation are studied. Methods and Material: 101 blue-collar workers from a company in Zonguldak were participated in the study. Results: The results showed that transactional leadership is strongly associated with safety climate. As predicted, transformational leadership is found to be sig...
The Effect of action research as a teacher development model on becoming reflective in teaching: A case study
İskenderoğlu-Önel, Zeynep; Paykoç, Fersun; Department of Educational Sciences (1998)
The Impact of strategic purchasing practices on firm performance: an analysis in hospitality sector
Aksoy, Oğuz.; Akın Ateş, Melek.; Department of Business Administration (2019)
Increasingly, firms realize that rather than just being a tactical function focused on day-to-day operations, purchasing function also helps firms to generate competitive advantage by adopting more strategic purchasing practices. Previous research mostly suggests that strategic purchasing practices improve firm performance. However, majority of these studies are conducted in the manufacturing context. In this thesis, the service context was examined, and specifically the hospitality sector was investigated....
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