Reclamation of waterways in urban context: A study on Ankara Stream and Etiler Neighborhood

Ergül, Rakibe
The streams and rivers are significant determinants of urban form; however, today, they have become barely recognized in cities. Over time, the interwoven relationship between city and water has gradually been shifted and lost its significance. Since the 1960s, plenty of towns tended to restore and reclaim their waterways to avoid the ill effects of rapid urban growth, industrialization, and the alarming environmental crisis. Reclamation of the waterways has emerged as a growth strategy since the waterways are still an essential part of the urban fabric as flowscapes, enhancing the social, spatial, economic, and ecological urban networks. Ankara is a noteworthy case that exemplifies such a shifting relationship between the city and waterways. Thus, the present study focuses on Ankara Stream in the context of the Etiler neighborhood in Etimesgut, and aims to discover the possible potential of waterway reclamation in this particular urban context. To frame the conceptual ground, the thesis analyzes five reclamation projects and uncovers associated strategies: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, the Seine River Regeneration in Paris, the Grorud Valley Project in Oslo, the Cheonggyecheon Stream Regeneration Project in Seoul, and the Little Sugar Creek Daylighting project in North Carolina. Next, the thesis examines how Ankara and Etimesgut established the link with the streams throughout history. Accordingly, the study offers suggestions for the reclamation and restoration of the Ankara Stream in Etiler Neighborhood based on the studied precedents.


Modeling the Dynamics of Small-Scale River and Creek Plumes in Tidal Waters
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Local site characterization and seismic zonation study by utilizing active and passive surface wave methods: A case study for the northern side of Ankara, Turkey
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This study encompasses dynamic soil characterization and site classification zonation mapping of the Plio-Quaternary and especially Quaternary alluvial sediments based on the current seismic codes. The study area is located in the Cubuk district and its surrounding area that is situated towards the north of Ankara, the capital of Turkey. The project site is located in a region which has the potential of being seriously affected by probable seismic events occurring along the Cubuk Fault Zone. The Cubuk Fault...
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Akgün, Haluk (2005-01-01)
This study aims at determining the geotechnical properties and the compaction permeability characteristics of a clayey soil sample obtained from the Göbaşi site of the Ankara region in an attempt to assess its suitability as a compacted clay liner. The soil sample was permeability tested at about 3% wet of its optimum moisture content using the falling head compaction permeameter apparatus. The expected leakage rates through clay-only and composite geomem-brane-clay liners constructed with compacted Ankara ...
Active microwave remote sensing of soil moisture : a case study in Kurukavak Basin
Yılmaz, Musa; Şorman, Ali Ünal; Department of Civil Engineering (2009)
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R. Ergül, “Reclamation of waterways in urban context: A study on Ankara Stream and Etiler Neighborhood,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2021.