Konutların ısıl özelliklerinin değerlendirilmesi ve ahşap prefabrike panoların ısı geçirgenliği

Göğüş, Yalçın A.
Alpaslan, M.a.


Developing a gis-based carbon footprint accounting methodology for residential buildings: the case study of Nilufer district in Bursa
Perdeli, Cansu; Balaban, Osman; Düzgün, H. Şebnem; Department of Earth System Science (2018)
With the recent adoption of Paris Agreement, countries agreed to combat climate change and its impacts by making efforts to keep the global average temperature rise well below 2 °C and by striving for 1.5 °C by the end of this century. In line with this purpose, greenhouse gas emission reduction actions are integrated into environmental policies all over the world. Urban carbon footprint emerges as one of the key concepts of current global climate policies since urban areas are the major contributors to glo...
Use of color in residential buildings : a case study on facades of apartment blocks in Ankara
Yurt, Pelin; Güzer, Celal Abdi; Department of Architecture (2010)
Color is a significant architectural element, which is open to become a major representative element in the process of design. This study aims to understand the limits of using color as an architectural element and discuss the transformative effects of the use of color with respect to meaning and design levels of buildings. The study is composed of two main parts. In the first part limits of using color as a complementary and consequential part of design are discussed. The architectural understanding of col...
An approach for seismic damage assessment of residential buildings /
Demirci, Ceren; Erberik, Murat Altuğ; Askan Gündoğan, Ayşegül; Department of Civil Engineering (2014)
For developing countries in earthquake-prone regions, two main issues in seismic damage estimation are identification of seismic hazard in the region of interest and up-to-date information of the existing building stock. This study proposes an approach to handle these key issues and to obtain reliable measures for regional seismic damage estimation. The approach makes use of the basic structural information for different types of construction. This information can be readily available or may have been obtai...
"Organic architecture" and Frank Lloyd Wright in Turkey within the framework of house design
Sönmez, Filiz; Aytaç Dural, Tuğyan; Department of Architecture (2006)
Nature has been a source of inspiration for many architects, one of them being Frank Lloyd Wright. He re-interpreted the principles of architectural design by searching nature and uncovering its hidden dimensions to introduce his idea called organic architecture, at the onset of the twentieth century. This thesis aims to discuss the offspring of this idea in Turkey, with the awareness of the fact that the Turkish examples of Vernacular and Local architecture have always displayed great concern towards natur...
Konut sorunu karşısında yerel yönetimler ( Ankara Akkondu-Batıkent örneği).
Ateş, Türkay; Department of City Planning (1979)
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