Turkish Auto Industry and demand estimation

Yıldız, Tuna


Turkish Higher Education Rationales for Internationalization
Bulut Şahin, Betül (null; 2012-09-15)
Turkish chemical sectoral innovation system: a case study on R&D centers
Boyacı, Aslı; Pamukçu, M. Teoman.; Department of Science and Technology Policy Studies (2019)
This thesis aims to analyze the innovation landscape of the chemical sector in Turkey through face-to-face interviews with six R&D centers operating in the chemical industry. R&D centers are selected for the case study as they are one of the most critical actors conducting R&D and innovation activities in the sector. The sector was investigated within a set of three sub-sectors as follows: basic chemicals, specialty chemicals, and consumer chemicals. In this thesis, the sectoral innovation system (SIS) appr...
Turkish olive and olive oil sectoral innovation system: a functional - structural analysis
Pehlivan Gürkan, Nilgün; Erdil, Erkan; Department of Science and Technology Policy Studies (2015)
The main purpose of this thesis is to explore problems that inhibit development of the olive and olive oil sector in Turkey. Olive productivity and olive oil product quality is low in Turkey compared to leader olive producing countries, Spain and Italy. Turkey is at the low end of the global olive oil value chain with high share of bulk olive oil exports and low share of high value added, branded exports. The competition in global markets is increasing and product standards are more stringent. Informal prod...
Turkish preschool teachers’ beliefs about children’s conception about social conventional and moral events
Karaduman, Muhammet Ali; Erden, Feyza; Department of Early Childhood Education (2018)
This phenomenological study investigates the beliefs of Turkish preschool teachers regarding young children’s conception of moral and social conventional events. To serve for this purpose, participants’ definitions and categorizations of young children’s in-class behaviors have been identified first and then participant teachers own conceptions have been examined before analyzing their beliefs. The data has been conducted from 26 Turkish preschool teachers working in 5 different provinces in Turkey. Primary...
Turkish Architectural and Civil Engineering Education within the Scope of Sustainable Construction
Topak, Fatih; Tokdemir, Onur Behzat; Pekeriçli, Mehmet Koray; Tanyer, Ali Murat (null; 2018-11-18)
As construction industry is one of the dominant contributors to the world’s total CO2 emissions and it has huge negative impacts on the environment, sustainable construction has become a key aspiration in the field. Through utilizing resource efficiency and ecological design, sustainable construction is considered as the main concept to create and operate a healthy built environment. Although sustainability has been demonstrated as a timeless objective for continuous development i...
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T. Yıldız, “Turkish Auto Industry and demand estimation,” M.S. - Master of Science, MIDDLE EAST TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, 1992.