Multi-Period Reactive Power Optimization for Determination of Switch Statuses of Shunt Elements and Voltage Setpoints of Power Plants

Elma, Ismail
Güven, Ali Nezih
© 2021 Chamber of Turkish Electrical Engineers.Transmission system operators (TSOs) need to control voltages along the grid to have an economic and reliable system operation. Due to fixed and operational costs of switching equipment of shunt elements, TSOs are expected to minimize the number of switching operations of these devices. The purpose of this study is to optimize reactive power flows so as to have minimum transmission losses and number of switching operations of controllable shunt elements within a specified period. The optimization problem is defined as a two-stage problem, where the switch statuses of shunt elements are determined in the first stage and reactive power dispatch of generators are optimized in the second stage. Power balance and transmission loss equations have been linearized to obtain a Linear Programming (LP) problem. The developed algorithm has been tested on a sample network and satisfactory results have been obtained in terms of convergence performance and execution time.
13th International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, ELECO 2021


Assessment of extensive countrywide electrical power quality measurements through a database architecture
Kucuk, Dilek; Salor, Ozgul; Guder, Mennan; Demirci, Turan; Inan, Tolga; Akkaya, Yener; Cadirci, Isik; Ermiş, Muammer (2013-03-01)
This paper describes countrywide electrical power quality (PQ) assessments of the Turkish Electricity Transmission System through a genuine PQ database. The database stores the output of mobile PQ measurement systems which are established at 172 transformer substations of the transmission system. At 601 measurement points in these substations, which are potentially critical in terms of PQ, measurements are carried out by the mobile systems for a period of 1 week. PQ parameters defined in the IEC-61000-4-30 ...
Interoperability of Microservice-Based Systems
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© 2021 Chamber of Turkish Electrical Engineers.This work presents our proposed solution to provide interoperability among systems that have different microservice architectures. Publish/Subscribe technologies are targeted, specifically Kafka and RabbitMQ. Interoperability is achieved via a gateway tool which is designed as a microservice-based Publish/Subscribe system allowing more than two systems to work together. Experiments are conducted between a Kafka-based and a RabbitMQ-based system. Results indicat...
Planar spiral inductor modeling for RFIC design
Telli, A; Demir, Şimşek; Askar, MA (2003-01-01)
The rising demand for low cost RF integrated circuits (RF-IC's) has resulted in tremendous interest in on-chip inductors. As a result of developing processing technology and the considerable studies on modeling and design, reasonable quality on-chip inductors have become available. Planar solenoidal inductors, bondwires and planar spiral inductors are three types of practical on-chip inductors of today's IC design technology. In this study, lumped element planar spiral inductor models have been compared wit...
Direct georeferencing and orthorectification of airborne digital images
Kiracı, Ali Coşkun; Karslıoğlu, Mahmut Onur; Department of Geodetic and Geographical Information Technologies (2008)
GPS/INS (Global Positioning System / Inertial Navigation System) brings possibility of relaxing the demand for aerial triangulation in stereo model construction and rectification. In this thesis a differential rectification algorithm is programmed with Matlab software for aerial frame camera images. This program is tested using exterior orientation parameters obtained by GPS/INS and images are ortho-rectified. Ground Control Points (GCP) are measured in the orthorectified images and compared with other rect...
Multivariate Forecasting of Global Horizontal Irradiation Using Deep Learning Algorithms
Vakitbilir, Nuray; Direkoğlu, Cem; Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (2021-2-11)
Increasing photovoltaic (PV) panel instalments jeopardise the electrical grid frequency, especially in island countries, such as Cyprus. For a continuous growth in the PV instalments in Northern Cyprus as well as minimal usage of conventional energy sources in power generation, it is of utter importance for a grid manager to possess information on the energy production of PV panels, hence knowledge on received radiation, i.e. Global Horizontal Irradiation (GHI). Therefore, the prediction of GHI plays an ess...
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I. Elma and A. N. Güven, “Multi-Period Reactive Power Optimization for Determination of Switch Statuses of Shunt Elements and Voltage Setpoints of Power Plants,” presented at the 13th International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, ELECO 2021, Virtual, Bursa, Türkiye, 2021, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: