Searching for pathways of sustainable water management on the Konya plain

Peker, Ender
Ataöv Demirkan, Anlı
Özkavaf, Sıla
Massa, Michele
Motta, Davide


Searching for a Balance Between Community Needs and Conservation Policies in Historic Neighbourhoods of Istanbul
Akkar Ercan, Zübeyde Müge (2010-01-01)
Despite the recent rising interest in sustainability and community-related issues among urban regeneration policy-makers, it is still questionable how far the recent regeneration efforts in historic housing areas achieve a balance between the community needs and conservation policies. To answer this question, this article explores the interplay between conservation, community needs and sustainability in the context of Turkey, focusing on Istanbul. It premises on the assumption that finding the balance betwe...
Looking for gender in the professional narratives of industrial designers in Turkey
Kaygan, Pınar (null; 2011-01-07)
Gazihan, Ayşe; Salihoğlu, Barış ; Department of Oceanography (2017-4-19)
Rising societal and economic needs of the increasing human population together with the growing size of fishing fleets, developing technology in the fishing and globalization of fish food market exerted a significant pressure on the marine ecosystems within the last decades. These pressures resulted in irreversible changes on the marine ecosystem structures and, in turn, limited the socio-economic benefits obtained from marine ecosystems. Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management aims to achieve a sustainable ba...
Exploring the Role of Future Perspective in Predicting Turkish University Students’ Beliefs About Global Climate Change
Ateş, Deniz; Teksöz, Gaye (2017-06-01)
AbstractRecent studies indicate that limited understanding about causes and its potential impacts of climate change and fault beliefs by people across different countries of the world including Turkey is a real challenge. Acceptance of climate change as a real threat, believing its existence, and knowing causes and consequences are very significant for climate change adaptation and mitigation. Therefore, exploring underlying factors shaping or affecting beliefs of people is needed for designing educational ...
Looking for contact-induced language change: Converbs in heritage Turkish
TURAN, DİLEK; ANTONOVA ÜNLÜ, ELENA; Sağın Şimşek, Sultan Çiğdem; Akkus, Mehmet (SAGE Publications, 2020-05-26)
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E. Peker, A. Ataöv Demirkan, S. Özkavaf, M. Massa, and D. Motta, “Searching for pathways of sustainable water management on the Konya plain,” 2021, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: