A Thermal and Electro-magnetic Hybrid MOEMS Microscanner with Integrated Spatial Light Modulation and Metalens for Resolution Enhancement of Infrared Imaging Systems

Sozak, Ahmet
Simsek, Ertug
Yelboga, Tolga
Gungor, Alper
Balli, Fatih
Azgın, Kıvanç
IEEEThis article describes the development of a novel integrated thermal and electro-magnetic hybrid micro opto-electro mechanical system (MOEMS) based scanning actuator. Determining the optical architecture and components used for scanning are significant points of the study. A metalens and a coded mask, both of which can be produced by micro fabrication methods, are used in the optical part of the actuator. In this context, a metalens consisting of nano-holes was designed and fabricated as the first alternative. Secondly, a specific coded mask was designed and applied to the center of MOEMS structure for obtaining spatial light modulation. Captured scene images including coded mask are processed and reconstructed by using the compressive sensing image processing algorithms. Silicon on Insulator (SOI) is the substrate of structure and Deep Reactive Ion and Wet Etching methods were used to fabricate the integrated actuator. To increase the optical transmission, the optically transmissive coded mask zone was coated with anti-reflective coating at mid-wave infrared band. The magnetic field for obtaining Lorentz force on the actuators was achieved by a using the neodymium permanent magnet located beneath the structure.
IEEE Sensors Journal


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