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Orta ve Batı Anadolu Geç Senozoyik Magmatizmasının Bölgesel Metalojeni Üzerindeki Etkileri
İmer, Ali (2022-04-11)
Minimum Eğrilik Algoritması ile Yönlü Sondaj ve Kompozitleme Bilgisayar Programı
Ertunç, Güneş; İmer, Ali (2022-03-24)
In this study, two graphical user interface (GUI) based drillhole database applications, compiled by the authors, are introduced. The first executable applet is developed to automatically interpolate and calculate between ...
An evaluation of seismic hazard and potential damage in Gaziantep, Turkey using site specific models for sources, velocity structure and building stock
Karimzadeh, Shaghayegh; Arslan Kelam, Arzu; Yousefibavil, Karim; Akgün, Haluk; Askan Gündoğan, Ayşegül; KOÇKAR, MUSTAFA KEREM; Erberik, Murat Altuğ; Ciftci, Hacer; Pekcan, Onur (2022-03-01)
Assessment of potential seismic risk and losses in urban environments is necessary for several purposes ranging from risk mitigation to city and regional planning. It is well known that loss estimation should be performed ...
Application of an optical fiber-based system for mass movement monitoring
Arslan Kelam, Arzu; Akgün, Haluk; KOÇKAR, MUSTAFA KEREM (2022-03-01)
This paper assesses the stages and findings of a mass movement monitoring system developed for continuous long-term monitoring applications using optical fiber cable as a sensor to decrease the risks associated with slope ...
Whole-Rock and Nd-Pb isotope geochemistry and radiolarian ages of the volcanics from the Yüksekova Complex (Maden Area, Elazığ, E Turkey): Implications for a Late Cretaceous (Santonian-Campanian) Back-Arc basin in the southern Neotethys
Ural, Melek; Sayıt, Kaan; TEKİN, UĞUR KAĞAN (2022-01-31)
The Southeast Anatolian Orogenic Belt (SAOB) is characterized by a tectonic assemblage consisting of dismembered ophiolites, subduction-related as-semblages, and continental fragments. Whether the subduction-related volcan...
Late Cretaceous Arc Magmatism in the Southern Central Pontides: Constraints for the closure of the Northern Neotethyan branches
Sayıt, Kaan; Cemal Göncüoğlu, M.; Ellero, Alessandro; Ottria, Giuseppe; Frassi, Chiara; Marroni, Michele; Pandolfi, Luca (2022-01-31)
In the southern Central Pontides in northern Turkey the remnants of two Neotethyan oceanic basins, currently represented by the Intra-Pontide and the Izmir-Ankara-Erzincan sutures, and the interposing continental microplat...
Durability assessment of some Cappadocian tuffs using factor analysis, multiple regression analysis, and analytical hierarchy process
Deniz, B. Ertas; Topal, Tamer (2022-01-01)
Tuff located in Central Anatolia (Cappadocia) has been used as a building stone in many historical monuments, churches, and mosques. Although some of the tuffs used in those historical structures show good performances, th...
Duration and Intensity of End-Permian Marine Anoxia
Pimentel-Galvan, Michael; Lau, Kimberly V.; Maher, Katharine; Mukerji, Tapan; Lehrmann, Daniel J.; Altıner, Demir; Payne, Jonathan L. (2022-01-01)
Ocean anoxia was an important kill mechanism in the end-Permian mass extinction and uranium isotope data are among the most powerful tools for quantifying the global extent and duration of ocean deoxygenation due to the de...
Berber, Faruk; Sayıt, Kaan; Department of Geological Engineering (2021-12-27)
The Kösdağ Metavolcanics (KM) in the southern Central Pontides crops out between the Izmir-Ankara-Erzincan Suture Zone (IAESZ) in the south and the Sakarya Composite Terrane in the north. The unit is represented by a low-g...
Numerical analysis and stability assessment of complex secondary toppling failures: A case study for the south pars special zone
Azarafza, Mohammad; Bonab, Masoud Hajialilue; Akgün, Haluk (2021-12-01)
This article assesses and estimates the progressive failure mechanism of complex pit-rest secondary toppling of slopes that are located within the vicinity of the Gas Flare Site of Refinery No. 4 in South Pars Special Zone...
Deep learning-based landslide susceptibility mapping
Azarafza, Mohammad; Azarafza, Mehdi; Akgün, Haluk; Atkinson, Peter M.; Derakhshani, Reza (2021-12-01)
Landslides are considered as one of the most devastating natural hazards in Iran, causing extensive damage and loss of life. Landslide susceptibility maps for landslide prone areas can be used to plan for and mitigate the ...
Deformation in SW Anatolia (Turkey) Documented by Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility Data
ÖZKAPTAN, MURAT; Gülyüz, Erhan; UZEL, BORA; Langereis, Cor G.; Özacar, Atilla Arda; Kaymakcı, Nuretdin (2021-12-01)
Convergence between the Eurasian and the African plates in the West Anatolian-Aegean region results in a trench retreat due to slab roll-back and tearing of the subducted African lithosphere. The upper plate response of th...
Triassic Foraminifera from the Great Bank of Guizhou, Nanpanjiang Basin, south China: taxonomic account, biostratigraphy, and implications for recovery from end-Permian mass extinction
Altıner, Demir; Lehrmann, Daniel J.; Altıner, Sevinç; Summers, Mindi M.; Yu, Meiyi (2021-12-01)
Foraminifera are important components of tropical marine benthic ecosystems and their recovery pattern from the end-Permian mass extinction can yield insights into the Mesozoic history of this group. Here we report the cal...
Evolution of mafic lavas in Central Anatolia: Mantle source domains
Furman, Tanya; Hanan, Barry B.; Sjoblom, Megan Pickard; Kürkcüoğlu, Biltan ; Sayıt, Kaan; Şen, Erdal; Sen, Pinar Alici; Yurur, Tekin (2021-12-01)
We present new Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf isotopic data on mafic lavas from the Sivas, Develidag, Erciyes, and Erkilet volcanic complexes in central Turkey and Tenchirek in eastern Turkey to evaluate the mantle sources for volcanism in t...
Surface deformations of 24 January 2020 Sivrice (Elazığ)–Doğanyol (Malatya) earthquake (Mw = 6.8) along the Pütürge segment of the East Anatolian Fault Zone and its comparison with Turkey’s 100-year-surface ruptures
Tatar, Orhan; Sözbilir, Hasan; Koçbulut, Fikret; Bozkurt, Erdin; Aksoy, Ercan; Eski, Semih; Özmen, Bülent; Alan, Hüsetin; Metin, Yüksel (2021-10-01)
On Friday, January 24, 2020 at 20.55:11 local time (17:55 UTC), an earthquake with a magnitude of Mw = 6.8 has occurred in Sivrice district of Elazığ (Eastern Turkey). Focal mechanism solution is consistent with pure left-...
Discontinuous rock slope stability analysis by limit equilibrium approaches - a review
Azarafza, Mohammad; Akgün, Haluk; Ghazifard, Akbar; Asghari-Kaljahi, Ebrahim; Rahnamarad, Jafar; Derakhshani, Reza (2021-10-01)
Slope stability is one of the most important topics of engineering geology with a background of more than 300 years. So far, various stability assessment techniques have been developed which include a range of simple evalu...
Post-delamination magmatism in south-central Anatolia
Gall, Helen; Furman, Tanya; Hanan, Barry; KÜRKCÜOĞLU, BİLTAN; Sayıt, Kaan; YÜRÜR, MEHMET TEKİN; Sjoblom, Megan Pickard; ŞEN, ERDAL; Şen, Pınar Alıcı (2021-10-01)
Quaternary mafic lavas in Central Anatolia provide geochemical insights into melt generation processes following regional delamination of the subducted Tethyan slabs. New geochemical data from the Pleistocene Hasandağ Cind...
Geologic Setting and Mineralization of Gicik Low-Sulfidation Epithermal Au Deposit (North-CentralAnatolia)
Çil, Akın; İmer, Ali (2021-09-13)
Assessment of kinematic rock slope failures in Mudurnu Valley, Turkey
Arslan Kelam, Arzu; Akgün, Haluk (2021-09-06)
Slope instabilities are one of the most frequent natural hazards capable of causing severe failures both at regional and large scales. Mudurnu, which is settled on a steep valley, is affected by regional rock slope instabi...
Application of an image processing-based algorithm for river-side granular sediment gradation distribution analysis
Azarafza, Mohammad; Nanehkaran, Yaser A.; Akgün, Haluk; Mao, Yimin (2021-09-01)
Determining grain-size and grading distribution of river-side sediments is very important for issues related to lateral embankment drift, river-side nourishment, management plans, and riverbank stability. In this regard, e...
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