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The standart model analysis of the cp violation in the inclusive semileptonic b-meson decays

Eygi, Zeynep Deniz
Being a flavor changing neutral current process, inclusive semileptonic B- meson decays provide reliable testing grounds for the Standard Model at the loop level. They are also importanat in the CKM phenomology and investing the CP violation due to the existence of sizable interference terms in the decay amplitude. In this work , the rare inclusive semileptonic B- meson decays for (lepton is electron ,muon , tau) are investigated in the context of the Standard Model.The differential branching ratio, forward-backward asymmetry ,CP 6violating asymmetry and CP 6 violating asymmetry in the forward-backward asymmetry in these processes are examined.The dependencies of these physical parameters on the Standard Model parametres are analyzed by paying a special attention to the long distance effects. Although the branching ratios predicted for the inclusive semileptonic B- meson decays are relatively small because of CKM suppression , it has been found that there is a significant ACP and ACP(AFB) for these processes.