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Nozzle blockage in continuous casting of al-killed SAE 1006 and SAE 1008 grades in Iskenderun Iron and Steel Works

Sakallı, Erhan
In this work, nozzle clogging in the submerged entry nozzle in continuous casting of Al killed steels has been studied. The study has been based on low silicon Al killed SAE 1006 (1.2006) and SAE 1008 (1.2008) grades. In this study, castabilities of 75 heats for 1.2006 steel grades and 75 heats for 1.2008 steel grades have been investigated. Castabilities of the experimental heats have been found to be affected by Al content in oxide form (Aloxy) and Ca content of the liquid steel. Castabilities have been found to decrease with increase in Aloxy and to increase with increase in Ca content and Ca/Aloxy ratio. Reoxidation has been found not to affect the castability appreciably.