Stereotyped gender role perceptions and presentations in elemantary schooling : a case study in Burdur(2001-2002)

Kaya, Havva Eylem
A schooling system that claims to offer its students the opportunities to develop their talents and help towards self-determination in their adult lives might be expected to have a career structure itself that demonstrated these virtues, one in which there was equality of the genders in positions of influence and leadership, and no gender stereotyping of roles. Apart from the fairness and consistency of that expectation, it is also reasonable to expect the neutral template of teacher employment and textbook selection in schools. Many children may grow up with few books in their homes but lots of those in their schools. Many of the textbooks used in elementary schools, according to recent studies, contain gender stereotypes. In these, females are rarely found as central characters and when they appear at all, they are often passive figures dependent on male characters. Women are frequently shown in domestic roles; in most textbooks it is assumed that only males 'go out to work' whereas daughters are the best helpers of their mothers whose sons are allowed to do what they wish. In the light of those allegations, this research is designed as a case study which addresses itself to the aim of looking into stereotyped gender role presentations existing in elementary school textbooks used by the students studying at 1st-5th grades in 2001/2002 academic year of an elementary school placed in Burdur and to see whether these students are affected by the exposure of those stereotyped gender role presentations. For this purpose, the textbooks being studied are analyzed according to pre-set categories to deduce how they include stereotyped gender role presentations and the evaluation of the effects of that exposure on students are made by asking 1st-3rd grade students to draw and 4th-5th grade students to write compositions on a given topic. This study also attempts to find out
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H. E. Kaya, “Stereotyped gender role perceptions and presentations in elemantary schooling : a case study in Burdur(2001-2002),” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.