Free flexural (or bending) vibrations analysis of composite, orthotropic plate and/or panels with various bonded joints(--- in aero structural systems---)

Güvendik, Özen
In this أThesisؤ, the problems of the أFree Flexural (or Bending) Vibrations of Composite, Orthotropic Plates and/or Panels with Various Bonded Jointsؤ are formulated and investigated in detail. The composite bonded plate system is composed of أPlate Adherendsؤ adhesively bonded by relatively very thin adhesive layers. The general problem is considered in terms of the three أMain PROBLEMSؤ, namely أMain PROBLEM Iؤ, أMain PROBLEM IIؤ and أMain PROBLEM IIIؤ. The theoretical formulation of the أMain PROBLEMSؤ is based on أMindlin Plate Theoryؤ which is a أFirst Order Shear Deformation Plate Theory (FSDPT)ؤ. Thus, the transverse shear deformations, the transverse and the rotary moments of inertia of the plates are included in the formulation. Very thin, elastic deformable adhesive layers are considered as continua with transverse normal and shear stresses. The damping effects in the plates and the adhesive layers are neglected. The entire composite bonded joint assembly is assumed to be simple supported along the two opposite edges, so that the أClassical Levy̕s Solutionsؤ can be applied in this direction. The dynamic equations of the أBonded Joint Systemؤ which combines together the أMindlin Plateؤ dynamic equations with the adhesive layer equations are reduced to a system of أFirst Order Ordinary Differential Equationsؤ in the أstate vectorؤ form. This أspecial formؤ of the أGoverning System of the First Order Ordinary Differential Equationsؤ are numerically integrated by means of the أModified Transfer Matrix Methodؤ which is a combination of the أClassical Levy̕s Methodؤ, the أTransfer Matrix Methodؤ and the أIntegrating Matrix Method (with Interpolation Polynomials and/or Chebyshev Polynomials)ؤ. The أMain PROBLEMSؤ are investigated and presented in terms of the mode shapes and the corresponding natural frequencies for various sets of boundary conditions. The


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Ö. Güvendik, “Free flexural (or bending) vibrations analysis of composite, orthotropic plate and/or panels with various bonded joints(--- in aero structural systems---),” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.