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Morphometric and genetic differentiation between anatolia and Cyprus bonbus(bombus)terrestris (l.1758)populations

Beton, Damla
Four microsatellite loci were used to investigate differentiation in Bombus terrestris, a bumblebee of interest for its high value crops pollination. Two bumblebee populations, one from Ankara (the capital of Turkey) and one from North Cyprus were analyzed. In these populations, the total number of alleles detected per polymorphic locus ranged from 7 to 12. FST genetic distance between Ankara and North Cyprus B. terrestris populations based on four microsatellite loci was calculated as 0,09351. This applies that there is significant (P<0,001) differentiation between Anatolian and Cypriot populations. Moreover, statistically significant differences between two populations were found in wing characters studied. According to the potential for local adaptation and individual fitness of bumblebees, microsatellite data calls for protection of Bombus terrestris populations against importation of bumblebees of foreign origin which are used as crop pollinator.