An interactive approach for multi-criteria sorting problems

Keser, Burak
This study is concerned with a sorting problem; the placement of alternatives into preference classes in the existence of multiple criteria. An interactive model is developed to address the problem, assuming that the decision maker has an underlying utility function which is linear. A recent methodology, Even-Swaps, which is based on value tradeoff is utilized in the model for both making an estimation of the underlying utility function and generating possible dominance among the alternatives on which it is performed. Convex combinations, dominance relations, weight space reduction, Even-Swaps and direct decision maker placements are utilized to place alternatives in preference classes. The proposed algorithm is experimented with randomly generated alternative sets having different characteristics.
Citation Formats
B. Keser, “An interactive approach for multi-criteria sorting problems,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.