Nanocomposites based on blends of polyethylene

Işık, Fatma
In this study the effects of compatibilizer type, organoclay type, and the addition order of components on the morphological, thermal, mechanical and flow properties of ternary nanocomposites based on low density polyethylene, LDPE were investigated. As compatibilizer, ethylene/methyl acrylate/glycidyl methacrylate, ethylene/glycidyl methacrylate, and ethylene/butyl acrylate/maleic anhydride; as organoclay Cloisite? 15A, Cloisite? 25A and Cloisite? 30B were used. All samples were prepared by a co-rotating twin screw extruder, followed by injection molding. Before producing the ternary nanocomposites, in order to determine the optimum amount of the organoclay and compatibilizer, binary mixtures of LDPE/organoclay and LDPE/compatibilizer blends with different compositions were prepared. Based on the results of the mechanical tests, compatibilizer and organoclay contents were determined as 5 wt. % and 2 wt % respectively. After that, ternary nanocomposites were prepared with each compatibilizer/organoclay system and characterization of these nanocomposites was performed. Among the investigated addition orders, mechanical test results showed that the best sequence of component addition was (PCoC), in which LDPE, compatibilizer and organoclay were simultaneously compounded in the first run of the extrusion. Considering the ternary nanocomposites, compositions of LDPE/E-MA-GMA/15A, LDPE/E-GMA/15A and LDPE/E-nBA-MAH/30B showed the highest improvement in mechanical properties. According to the DSC analysis, addition of organoclay and compatibilizer does not influence the melting behavior of the compositions and both compatibilizers and organoclay types have no nucleation activity in LDPE. In the X-Ray analysis, the highest increase of the basal spacing for ternary nanocomposites obtained for LDPE/E-BA-MAH/organoclay nanocomposites. This increase was 83 %, 198 %, and 206 % for
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F. Işık, “Nanocomposites based on blends of polyethylene,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.