Recognition of human face expressions

Ener, Emrah
In this study a fully automatic and scale invariant feature extractor which does not require manual initialization or special equipment is proposed. Face location and size is extracted using skin segmentation and ellipse fitting. Extracted face region is scaled to a predefined size, later upper and lower facial templates are used for feature extraction. Template localization and template parameter calculations are carried out using Principal Component Analysis. Changes in facial feature coordinates between analyzed image and neutral expression image are used for expression classification. Performances of different classifiers are evaluated. Performance of proposed feature extractor is also tested on sample video sequences. Facial features are extracted in the first frame and KLT tracker is used for tracking the extracted features. Lost features are detected using face geometry rules and they are relocated using feature extractor. As an alternative to feature based technique an available holistic method which analyses face without partitioning is implemented. Face images are filtered using Gabor filters tuned to different scales and orientations. Filtered images are combined to form Gabor jets. Dimensionality of Gabor jets is decreased using Principal Component Analysis. Performances of different classifiers on low dimensional Gabor jets are compared. Feature based and holistic classifier performances are compared using JAFFE and AF facial expression databases.
Citation Formats
E. Ener, “Recognition of human face expressions,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.