Perceptions of students and instructors about using remote access technology in programming language courses: a case study

Turşak, Muhammet
This study investigated the perceptions of students, the instructor and the laboratory assistant about the use of remote access technology in group projects of programming language courses. Their perceptions are investigated in terms of three aspects: effects of the use of this technology on their motivation, the perceived usefulness and the perceived ease of use of this technology. A central shared project server was installed for group project studies of students. To access to the central project server, Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection, which is a remote access technology, was used. The data were collected from 2nd grade university students by using a computer attitude scale and a questionnaire developed by the researcher. Also, interviews were conducted with the course instructor and the laboratory assistant. Descriptive statistics, frequency distributions and descriptive analysis methods were used to analyze the results. In results, the high percentage of indecisive students, which is between 38% and 48%, was noticeable. It was concluded that by increasing the length of usage of the system this high ratio may be decreased to reasonable levels. On the other hand, high number of the rest of the students reported positive perceptions. They expressed that remote access technology is a useful and also easy to use technology. It is concluded that students, the instructor and the laboratory assistant accepted the use of this new technology in their learning environment. Also, like instructor and the laboratory assistant, they stated that it affected their motivation towards the group projects in a positive way.