Light cone qcd sum rules and meson physics

Kanık, İnanç
Grazing incidence pumping (GRIP) is a scheme to produce x-ray lasers and extreme ultraviolet lithography is a means of lithographic production which requires soft x-rays with a bandwidth of 2% centred at 13,5 nm. In this work firstly a grazing incidence pumping of Ni-like Mo and Ne-like Ti x-ray laser media were simulated by using EHYBRID and a post-processor code coupled to it. The required atomic data were obtained from the Cowan code. Besides, the timing issue needed for amplification purpose in a Ti:Sapphire laser system has been described theoretically. Afterwards, in order to produce soft x-ray lasers for extreme ultraviolet lithographic applications, emission of soft x-rays in the 2% bandwidth centred at 13.5 nm emitted from Sn XII and Sn XIII ions were simulated by using the EHYBRID code for a laser operating at 1064 nm with 1 J of pulse energy and 6 ns of pulse duration. The intensity range that has been investigated is between 1-5 x 1012 W/cm2. Ion fractions of tin ions and line intensities corresponding to different electron temperatures were calculated by using the collisional radiative code NeF.