Harmonic vibration analysis of large structures with local nonlinearity

Abat, Diren
With the rapid development in today’s technology, reliability and performance requirements on components of various mechanical systems, which tend to be much lighter and work under much more severe working conditions, dramatically increased. In general, analysis techniques based on simplified model of structural components with linearity assumption may provide time saving for solutions with reasonable accuracy. However, since most engineering structures are often very complex and intrinsically nonlinear, in some cases they may behave in a different manner which cannot be fully described by linear mathematical models, or linear treatments may not be applicable at all. In fact, some studies revealed that deviations in the modal properties of dynamic structures gathered from measured data are due to nonlinearities in the structure. Hence, in problems where accuracy is the primary concern, taking the nonlinear effects into account becomes inevitable. In this thesis, it is aimed to analyze the harmonic response characteristics of multi degree of freedom nonlinear structures having different type of nonlinearities. The amplitude dependencies of nonlinearities are modelled by using describing function method. To increase the accuracy of the results, effect of the higher order harmonic terms will be considered by using multi harmonic describing function theory. Mathematical formulations are embedded in a computer program developed in MATLAB® with graphical user interface. The program gets the system matricies from the file which is obtained by using substructuring analysis in ANSYS®, and nonlinearities in the system can easily be defined through the graphical user interface of the MATLAB® program.


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D. Abat, “Harmonic vibration analysis of large structures with local nonlinearity,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.