Adaptive neural network applications on missile controller design

Sağıroğlu, Serkan
In this thesis, adaptive neural network controllers are designed for a high subsonic cruise missile. Two autopilot designs are included in the study using adaptive neural networks, namely an altitude hold autopilot designed for the longitudinal channel and a directional autopilot designed for heading control. Aerodynamic coefficients are obtained using missile geometry; a 5-Degree of Freedom (5-DOF) simulation model is obtained, and linearized at a single trim condition. An inverted model is used in the controller. Adaptive Neural Network (ANN) controllers namely, model inversion controllers with Sigma-Pi Neural Network, Single Hidden Layer Neural Network and Background Learning implemented Single Hidden Layer Neural Network, are deployed to cancel the modeling error and are applied for the longitudinal and directional channels of the missile. This approach simplifies the autopilot designing process by combining a controller with model inversion designed for a single flight condition with an on-line learning neural network to account for errors that are caused due to the approximate inversion. Simulations are performed both in the longitudinal and directional channels in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the implemented control algorithms. The advantages and drawbacks of the implemented neural network based controllers are indicated.
Citation Formats
S. Sağıroğlu, “Adaptive neural network applications on missile controller design,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.