Design and implementation of a voltage source converter based hybrid active power filter

Uçak, Onur
This research work is devoted to the analysis, design and implementation of a shunt connected Hybrid Active Power Filter by the use of a lower rated voltage source PWM converter, and a series connected LC passive filter. In recent years, voltage and current harmonics have become a serious problem both in transmission and distribution systems, due to the widespread usage of non-linear loads such as diode/thyristor rectifiers, electric arc furnaces and motor drives. In order to obtain a better performance than those of the conventional passive filter solutions, active power filters (APF) have been worked on and developed. Among various configurations listed in the literature, conventional shunt connected voltage source active power filter is widely used in industrial applications. Unfortunately, for large power applications, the losses and the rating of the APF increase considerably. As a result, various hybrid filter topologies have been developed which combine the advantages of both passive and active filters. In this thesis, a shunt connected hybrid active power filter is developed by combining a 4.7 kVA voltage source converter and a 30kVAR 7th harmonic passive filter. The developed system has been implemented to eliminate the most dominant 5th, 7th and 11th current harmonic components existing at 400V low voltage bus of TUBITAK SPACE Technologies Institute. The theoretical and experimental results have shown that the DC link voltage of the converter and the rating of APF are minimized while keeping the filtering performance satisfactory.
Citation Formats
O. Uçak, “Design and implementation of a voltage source converter based hybrid active power filter,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.