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Model updating of a helicopter structure using a newly developed correlation improvement technique

Altunel, Fatih
Numerical model usage has substantially increased in many industries. It is the aerospace industry that numerical models play possibly the most important role for development of optimum design. However, numerical models need experimental verification. This experimental verification is used not only for validation, but also updating numerical model parameters. Verified and updated models are used to analyze a vast amount of cases that structure is anticipated to face in real life. In this thesis, structural finite element model updating of a utility helicopter fuselage was performed as a case study. Initially, experimental modal analyses were performed using modal shakers. Modal analysis of test results was carried out using LMS Test.lab software. At the same time, finite element analysis of the helicopter fuselage was performed by MSC.Patran & Nastran software. v Initial updating was processed first for the whole helicopter fuselage then, tail of the helicopter was tried to be updated. Furthermore, a new method was proposed for the optimum node removal location for getting better Modal Assurance Criterion (MAC) matrix. This routine was tried on the helicopter case study and it showed better performance than the Coordinate Modal Assurance Criterion (coMAC) that is often used in such analyses.