Feasibilty study of sequestration of carbon dioxide in geological formations

Gültekin, Çağdaş
Although there are some carbon capture and storage (CCS-CO2 sequestration) projects in all over the world, feasibility problems exist due to the high economical issues. The aim of this study is to evaluate the feasibility of a potential CCS project where the source of CO2 is Afşin Elbistan Thermal Power Plant. Selection of candidate sites in the vicinity of Diyarbakır, Batman and Adıyaman regions depends on sequestration criteria. According to sequestration criteria, CCS can be applied to Çaylarbaşı mature oil field, Midyat saline aquifer and Dodan CO2 gas field. Disposing of CO2 from the source of Afşin Elbistan Thermal Power Plant is analyzed by pipeline and tanker. CO2 capturing technologies are determined from published literature. CO2 transportation can be applied by pipeline or tanker. CO2 transportation cost by pipeline and tanker are compared. It has been calculated that, transportation by pipeline is more economical compared to tanker transportation. It is further found that the number of boosting pump stations, the length of the pipeline and CO2 mass flow rate are the issues that alter the economical aspect in the pipeline transportation. The transportation costs by tankers depend on fuel cost, distance, tanker storage capacity, pin-up cost and CO2 storage facilities. The final part of CCS project is injection and storage of CO2 to the candidate areas. Reservoir parameters which are reservoir temperature, viscosity, permeability, reservoir pressure, reservoir thickness, CO2 density mass flow rate and injection pipe diameter determine the number and cost of the injection wells.


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Ç. Gültekin, “Feasibilty study of sequestration of carbon dioxide in geological formations,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.