Gulen community’s schools in Central Asia

Chursinova, Valentina
The purpose of this thesis is to examine the activity of the Gulen community in the Central Asian republics through different perspectives with a focus on the activities in the educational realm. My main concern in this thesis is to find out what role Islam and Turkishness plays in the educational activities of the Gulen community in the region. Throughout the thesis first I focus on Fethullah Gulen as the leader of the community followed by an analysis of the community in general – its origin, framework, goals and educational activity in various parts of the world. Then I examine the educational activity of the community in each of the Central Asian republics. And finally I explore various approaches regarding the community’s goals in Central Asia with a focus on the role that Islam and Turkishness play in such activities.
Citation Formats
V. Chursinova, “Gulen community’s schools in Central Asia,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.