Multicomponent ion exchange on zeolite 4A

Kadaifci, Bijen
In this study binary and ternary ion exchange on Zeolite NaA using silver and cadmium ions were investigated. Ion exchange were conducted at constant temperature (25oC) and normality (0.1N) in a batch system for both binary and ternary experiments. Zeolite weights were varied between 0.1 and 1 g for binary experiments. Thermodynamic analysis of binary ion exchange between Cd2+-Na+ and Ag+-Na+ were examined and thermodynamic equilibrium constant and Gibbs free energy were calculated. Thermodynamic equilibrium constants were found as respectively 28.2 and 300.4 for Cd2+-Na+ and Ag+-Na+ binary system. Standart free energy of Cd2+-Na+ and Ag+-Na+ binary exchange were calculated as -4.1 kJ/mol and -14.1 kJ/mol respectively. In literature Ay (2008) calculated the Gibbs free energy for Ag+-Na+ binary system as -14.4 kJ/mol and Biskup and Subotic (2010) and Gal et al. (1970) calculated the Gibbs free energy for Cd2+-Na+ binary system as -3.7 kJ/mol and -4.4 kJ/mol respectively. It is concluded Zeolite 4A has higher affinity to silver than cadmium and selectivity sequence was found as; Ag+>Cd2+>Na+. Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms were drawn to describe experimental data. As compared the R2 of isotherms, it is clearly seen that Freundlich isotherm provides better fit for Cd2+-Na+ binary ion exchange and Ag+-Na+ binary ion exchange. The ternary ion exchange isotherms were plotted using equivalent fraction of three ions (Ag+,Na+,Cd2+) which participated in ion exchange experiments to determine selectivity of zeolite 4A for cadmium and silver. Selectivity sequence was determined as Ag+ > Cd2+ >Na+ for ternary ion exchange.
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B. Kadaifci, “Multicomponent ion exchange on zeolite 4A,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.