Modelling and experimental evaluation of an electrohydraulic pitch trim servo actuator

Özturan, Ahmet
The pitch trim actuator is a hydraulic powered electro-mechanical flight control device of UH-60 helicopters which converts a mechanical input and an electrical command into a mechanical output with trim detent capabilities. In this thesis study, pitch trim actuator is investigated and a mathematical model is developed. From these mathematical equations, the actuator is modeled in MATLAB Simulink environment. While constructing the mathematical model, pressure losses in hydraulic transmission lines and compressibility of hydraulic oil are considered. To achieve a more realistic model for valve torque motor, particular tests are carried out and the torque motor current gain and the stiffness of torque motor flexure tube and the flapper displacement are obtained. Experimental data to verify the Simulink model is acquired with KAM-500 data acquisition system. A test fixture is designed for acquiring the experimental data. This test fixture can also be used to test the pitch trim actuator during depot level maintenance and overhaul. To verify the consistency of Simulink model, acquired experimental data is implemented in Simulink environment. The output of Simulink model simulation and the experimental data are compared. The results of comparison show that the model is good enough to simulate the steady state behavior of the actuator.
Citation Formats
A. Özturan, “Modelling and experimental evaluation of an electrohydraulic pitch trim servo actuator,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.