Design and manufacturing of a high speed, jet powered target drone

Özyetiş, Ender
This thesis presents the design and manufacturing of a high speed jet powered UAV which is capable of flying at M=0.5. Flight time of the UAV is 30 minutes at 1700 m above sea level. Aerodynamic and structural design of the UAV is conducted for 6g sustained and 9g instantaneous loads. Low aspect ratio blended wing-body design is decided due to low drag and high maneuverability. The Structure of the UAV consists of the composite parts such as frames and skin and mechanical parts such as landing gears which are from aluminum and steel, engine holders, parachute release mechanism and etc. The purpose of the thesis is to design and build a unique aircraft to be used as a target drone or a multi mission aircraft. Initial study is conducted by developing a design tool which works in an input-output way. Input parameters are categorized as blended wing-body parameters, tail parameters, propulsion system parameters, mission profile parameters, landing gear and parachute parameters, air properties and sample structural weights. Performance calculations are conducted by introducing an iterative weight calculation method. The Optimization process is conducted around the initial design by using the initial design parameters as a starting point. Some of the design inputs are selected as variable design parameters to construct the design cases which are formed via the combination of these variables. After final design is decided, modeling of the external geometry and modeling and integration of the sub-systems are conducted. Production is conducted in a step by step process which starts with the manufacturing of the skin pieces and frames and continues with joining of the structural parts prior to surface fibering and integration. The propulsion unit of the aircraft is selected as a mini turbojet engine which is capable of giving a 230 N thrust at sea level. The weight of the engine 2.85 kg and has a fuel consumption of 600 grams/minute at full throttle. The engine is controlled by an electronic control unit which controls the fuel flow through the engine.
Citation Formats
E. Özyetiş, “Design and manufacturing of a high speed, jet powered target drone,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2013.