Vibration isolation module for a towed array

Batmaz, Ömer
Today, towed arrays are widely utilized in both civilian and military applications such as oil/gas explorations or submarine/torpedo detections under the water. Hydrophones are linearly arranged in the acoustic section of a towed array. These hydrophones convert the reverberated acoustical signals from targets into electrical signals and send them to the data acquisition center on the tow vessel. Any kind of noise on hydrophones negatively affects the performance of the array during operation. Vibrations coming from the tow cable and drogue rope are important noise mechanisms; especially at low working frequencies and tow speeds. In order to suppress these vibrations from the hydrophone section and hence increase the signal-to-noise ratio of the array, vibration isolation modules (VIMs) are attached to forward and aft ends of the hydrophone section. During the design phase of the VIM, it is highly desirable to be able to predict the dynamic behavior of the module. Consequently, this study was undertaken in order to determine the modal characteristics of the VIM. Firstly, Myklestad’s Method for bending was used to build up mathematical model of the VIM. Since the VIM structure is not slender and there is always considerable drag force on the VIM during operation, shear effects and variable tension force were implemented to the method. A vertically hung VIM was tested to provide both free-free boundary condition and variable tension. The study was concluded with a thorough comparison of the theoretical and experimental results in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the modified method.


Yerlikaya, Umit; Balkan, Raif Tuna (2017-10-13)
Electromechanical actuators are widely used in miscellaneous applications in engineering such as aircrafts, missiles, etc. due to their momentary overdrive capability, long-term storability, and low quiescent power/low maintenance characteristics. This work focuses on electromechanical control actuation systems (CAS) that are composed of a brushless direct current motor, ball screw, and lever mechanism. In this type of CAS, nonlinearity and asymmetry occur due to the lever mechanism itself, saturation limit...
Vibration and acoustic numerical analysis of gregorian type communication antenna planted on communication satellite
Karaoğlu, Onur Kaan; Özer, Mehmet Bülent; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2020)
The acoustic load during lift-off of the spacecraft rockets is one of the most destructive loads especially for the light and large space structures. This thesis mainly focuses on vibro-acoustic behavior of a large composite reflector satellite antenna. The study starts with manufacturing processes, material properties and design criteria of the antenna which is Gregorian type with two reflectors. Then, Finite Element Model (FEM) of the antenna which is prepared in HyperMesh is analyzed structurally with ca...
Parameter Identification of Riveted Joints Using Vibration Methods
Altuntop, Elif; Aykan, Murat; Şahin, Melin (2015-02-05)
Rivets are widely used in several industries including aerospace, shipbuilding and construction. Aircraft components such as wings and fuselages are some examples of riveted structures. Accurate parameter identification of these joints is critical since excessive number of rivets is present in such structures. Furthermore, modeling structures with fasteners has always been a challenge since these members might show nonlinear behavior. In this study, the FEM of a continuous plate is constructed and modal tes...
Damage detection in a sandwich composite beam using wavelet transforms
Dawood, TA; Shenoi, RA; Veres, SM; Şahin, Melin; Gunning, MJ (2003-01-01)
There is a growing interest in developing non-destructive damage detection methods for damage assessment of composite structures, especially in the aerospace and marine industries. Although damage detection of composite laminates has been widely investigated, little work has been carried out on sandwich composite configurations. A technique using the Lipschitz exponent, which is estimated by wavelet transforms, as a damage sensitive signal feature is outlined here to identify damage in sandwich composites. ...
Simulation Based Optimal Sensor Actuator Positioning on a Fin Like Structure
Pedremasl, Nıma; Şahin, Melin; Acar, Erdem (2015-06-26)
Aircraft structures are subjected to high amplitude dynamic loads under service conditions; hence, it is necessary to determine their dynamic properties. Dynamic properties of a structure can be determined using simulation-based methods (e.g., finite element method) or using experimental modal analysis (EMA) methods. An EMA system should be lightweight and accurate so that it does not have a negative impact on the dynamic performance of the structure. For this purpose, the transducers (sensor and actuators)...
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Ö. Batmaz, “Vibration isolation module for a towed array,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.