The Investigation of usability issues of Faculty Development Program (FDP) information portal

Taşlı, Sinem
This study aims to investigate the usability issues of FDP (Faculty Development Program) Information Portal in regard to the users' opinions in the university in Ankara. In order to measure the usability of the Information Portal, a mixed method study including questionnaires, eye-tracking, interview was conducted. Quantitative data of the questionnaire including Computer Literacy Scale, System Usability Scale (SUS) and Questionnaire for User Interaction Satisfaction (QUIS) were collected from 100 FDP students in the university. After obtaining quantitative data, Think-Aloud Method which is a method of Eye-Tracking Methodology was conducted with 5 FDP students in Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory. The subjects' eye movements were recorded with an eye tracker while they were performing the four main tasks on the portal. Additionally, their voices were recorded with a icrophone. In the study, the significant mean difference was found only in satisfaction means in regard to institute types. The satisfaction mean difference between genders was not significant. Moreover, the usability mean of FDP information system is not significant both between genders and institute types. It was also found that the most negative aspect of the portal were lack of system content and lack of guide, and the most positive aspect was easy access to the portal. In usability test, by taking CTA and eye-tracking into account, two important problems were found. The first problem was menu and interface problems, and the second problem was lack of descriptive content about account area. Considering the answers of the subjects during the interviews conducted after the usability test, some recommendations were made to improve FDP Information Portal.
Citation Formats
S. Taşlı, “The Investigation of usability issues of Faculty Development Program (FDP) information portal,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.