Analysis of Turkey national football team’s performance during FIFA world cups and UEFA European championships

Altunsöz, Ömür Serdal
The purpose of this study was three fold: a) examining the technical and fitness parameters of Turkey National Football Team during the FIFA World Cup 2014 qualifying round for “friendly-official matches” and “matches of earning point(s) and lost”, b) analyzing the performance of Turkey National Team in the last seven championships, and c) analyzing the perspectives of National Football Team’s coaches on Turkey National Team in the last seven football championships. For the first purpose, the Turkey National Team’s technical and fitness parameters were observed via Amisco Pro® tracking system. For the second purpose, a database was established for the last seven championships to analyze the performance of Turkey National Team. For the third purpose, 7 coaches working at the Turkish Football Federation were participated in the study. Semi-structured interviews were conducted to analyze football coaches’ perspectives on the National Football Team. Results showed that the National Team had more total forward pass in friendly matches, more final third entries in official matches, had more ball possession than the opponent in all of friendly-official matches, and for the matches of earning point(s) and lost. In terms of fitness parameters, the Team had less sprint distance and high intensity distance with ball in the lost matches. It was also found that football players’ experience level, technical staff experience, points and scoring minutes of Turkey National Team were different in the championships. In order to enhance Turkey National Team performance, player development system, coach education and strong infrastructure opportunities should be developed according to the Turkey National Team Coaches.


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Ö. S. Altunsöz, “Analysis of Turkey national football team’s performance during FIFA world cups and UEFA European championships,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.