Imagery intelligence technology foresight and modeling of mobile applications in the defense industry

Bilge, Başak
Identifying the threats and impacts of an operation field requires continuous planning and emphasizes the importance of intelligence. With the development of electronic systems that support the military decision-making process increases in number, today long- time and high- risk discovery and surveillance operations are performed faster and safer. Therefore, developing technology policies to augment defense- technology research is a crucial step. Reorganization movements, management measures and operational procedures should be in harmony with government objectives. Supporting R&D activities and developing an independent national information infrastructure are required in order to be able to generate strategic plans to support domestic and national production. In this study, imaging intelligence technology foresight of mobile applications in the defense industry has been examined with Delphi Technique. It was aimed to have a consensus of different opinions by directing sequential questionnaire to the experts. As the result of the analysis, short, medium and long-term strategic decisions and strategic target proposals that take the defense industry needs into account are listed. As an example, a roadmap and policy recommendations have been prepared for the selected strategic target. The impact analysis model proposal is mentioned in order to see how much of the roadmap has been realized. Panoramic mobile application, which is developed as a model, provides an alternative to reconnaissance and surveillance systems as it provides wide-angle field imaging. It is believed that this study will greatly contribute to information intelligence constituent of information warfare technologies that find a place in the technology tree of Vision 2023.
Citation Formats
B. Bilge, “Imagery intelligence technology foresight and modeling of mobile applications in the defense industry,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.