Kürşat Çağıltay

Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology
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Fostering Professional Development on Teaching via an Online Platform Enriched With Real-Life Case Videos and Discussions
YECAN, ESRA; Çağıltay, Kürşat; Akar, Hanife (IGI Global, 2024-01-01)
Using E-textiles to Design and Develop Educational Games for Preschool-aged Children
Kara, Ersin; Çağıltay, Kürşat (2023-01-01)
This paper reports on the design and development of educational games and materials that utilize affordable e-textile technology. The researchers employed a design-based approach whereby preschool children used three e-tex...
Designing for Executive Functions: Exploring Design Issues and Preschool-Aged Children’s Characteristics Through Digital Games
Kara, Ersin; Çağıltay, Kürşat (2023-01-01)
A significant amount of literature has been published on Executive Functions (EFs). In recent years, researchers have shown increased interest in game-based EFs training. Designing custom digital games that target the subs...
Investigating classroom management behavior of faculty: Preliminary results of an eye-tracking study
KOÇAK, ÖMER; Tunga, Yeliz; GÖKTAŞ, YÜKSEL; Çağıltay, Kürşat (2022-05-01)
The Digital Teachers Project: A Step towards Empowering Teachers for More Equitable Education.
Kaplan, Göknur; Çağıltay, Kürşat; Kara Aydemir, Ayşe Gül; Çelik, Berkan; Tunga, Yeliz (2022-04-27)
This study aims to present preliminary findings of the Digital Teachers Project that is carried out with elementary schools teachers in Turkey, which is basically designed to develop and improve their digital literacy and ...
Eğitsel Nöromitler
Çağıltay, Kürşat; Tunga, Yeliz (Nobel Yayın Dağıtım, 2022-03-01)
The design of educational wearable technologies with teachers: Issues, challenges, and suggestions
Sat, Mustafa; Çağıltay, Kürşat (2022-01-01)
The purpose of this study is to delve into the teachers' experiences of hands-on e-textiles projects and identify the dynamics holding the pillars of an educational STEAM camp. A STEAM (science, technology, engineering, ar...
Mobile Eye Tracking Research in Inclusive Classrooms: Children's Experiences
Montero, Calkin Suero; Kilpia, Anni; Kamarainen, Anniina; Cagiltay, Bengisu; Karna, Eija; Çağıltay, Kürşat; Pihlainen, Kaisa; KARASU, NECDET (2022-01-01)
The increasing pervasiveness of inclusive educational environments poses an urgent need to implement research methodologies and practices that could shed light on how children's social interactions unfold in such contexts....
An Eye Tracking Based Investigation of Multimedia Learning Design in Science Education Textbooks
Altan, Tugba; Çağıltay, Kürşat (2022-01-01)
© 2022. Educational Technology and Society. All Rights Reserved.This study investigated the effects of multimedia learning and visual design in a 6th grade science textbook on students’ studying processes. This was accompl...
A systematic review of eye-tracking-based research on animated multimedia learning
Coskun, Atakan; Çağıltay, Kürşat (2021-12-01)
Background The most challenging task in eye-tracking-based multimedia research is to establish a relationship between eye-tracking metrics (or cognitive processes) and learners' performance scores. Additionally, there are ...
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