Fungal deracemization of benzoin

Demir, AS
Hamamcı, Haluk
Sesenoglu, O
Neslihanoglu, R
Asikoglu, B
Capanoglu, D
An enzyme system of Rhizopus oryzae (ATCC 9363) catalyzes the inversion of the chirality of benzoin via a deracemization reaction and, depending on the pH of the medium, both enantiomers of benzoin are obtained in good yield and high ee starting from rac-benzoin.
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A. Demir, H. Hamamcı, O. Sesenoglu, R. Neslihanoglu, B. Asikoglu, and D. Capanoglu, “Fungal deracemization of benzoin,” pp. 6447–6449, 2002, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: