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Electric and photoelectric properties of n-AgInSe2/p-Si heterojunction diode fabricated by successive layer deposition

ALDEMİR, Durmuş Ali
Parlak, Mehmet
Thin films of AgInSe2 ternary compound were grown by a successive process in which the production of AIS-Ag-AIS-Ag-AIS-Ag layers was deposited by e-beam and thermal evaporation on p-type silicon substrates. The formation of a stoichiometric AgInSe2 thin film with 75.2% crystallinity was achieved and the film had homogenous and smooth surfaces. n-AgInSe2/p-Si structure has exhibited good rectifying behavior with rectification ratio of 3.99 x 10(3). The ideality factor and saturation current were found to be 1.74 and 2.71 x 10(-7) A, respectively. The n-AgInSe2/p-Si heterojunction diode exhibited non-ideal reverse-bias capacitance-voltage (C-2-V) characteristic due to fully depletion of n-AgInSe2 side. The basic photovoltaic parameters of the diode such as open-circuit voltage (V-oc), short-circuit current (I-sc), and fill factor (FF) were obtained as 0.49 V, 4.03 mA, and 27.65%, respectively.