Axisymmetric crack terminating at the interface of transversely isotropic dissimilar media

In this paper, the axisymmetric elasticity problem of an infinitely long transversely isotropic solid cylinder imbedded in a transversely isotropic medium is considered. The cylinder contains an annular or a penny shaped crack subjected to uniform pressure on its surfaces. It is assumed that the cylinder is perfectly bonded to the medium. A singular integral equation of the first kind (whose unknown is the derivative of crack surface displacement) is derived by using Fourier and Hankel transforms. By performing an asymptotic analysis of the Fredholm kernel, the generalized Cauchy kernel associated with the case of `crack terminating at the interface' is derived. The stress singularity associated with this case is obtained. The singular integral equation is solved numerically for sample cases. Stress intensity factors are given for various crack geometries (internal annular and penny-shaped cracks, annular cracks and penny-shaped cracks terminating at the interface) for sample material pairs.